woven control wristbands

entrance wristbands / control wristbands / festival wristbands

Our woven control wristbands offer a quick and easy entrance control for events, such as festivals, concerts, VIP-areas etc., so it's the perfect event product.

  • high-quality woven wristband, 350 x 14 mm
  • up to 8 colors can be woven
  • fixed with aluminium seal, prethreaded
  • personalized, non-transferable and unforgeable
  • quick identification
  • very robust, water- and dritresistant
  • often the wristbands are worn longer after the event, so it gives a longer advertising effect

Almost the whole wristband surface (350 x 14 cm) offers you plenty of space for logo and advertisements.


Delvery time: approx. 15 workdays


Minimum order quantity: 200 pcs per Design


Of courser we're offering a special crimping plier for the alu-seals hand- or table crimping tool.

woven wristbands

crimping plier for alu-seal